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Cheshire Cats

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KIng Louis Djapo and his PRS


The Cheshire Cats was founded by John Anderson in 1998 as an experimental way to play electric improvisations with as many talented and diverse musicians as possible.

The band took on a life of its own with an eclectic and growing repertoire that easily transforms from one musical genre to another. The Cheshire Cats are an honest and true jam band that has enjoyed a great flow of brilliant talent from the NY area giving all a chance to shine. The bands main signature is a melting pot of styles and influences, by mixing Jazz, Funk,  R&B , Rock, Blues, Reggae into one giant amalgamation of music, the band is able to be fresh and exciting at all times.

Drawing from influences as diverse as Coltrane, Grateful Dead, Zappa, Miles Davis, The Allman Brothers, Dixie Dregs, James Brown, Wes Montgomery, Jaco Pastorious, The Meters and the Beatles (to name a few), the band rolls on with a great style and tenacity that is rarely seen in clubs today.

The band still carries on the original concept and innovations by inviting people to play and participate at gigs. Players are always welcome when the "Cats Be Jamming ".

So if you get a chance, come on down and have yourself a time with The Cheshire Cats.

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